Monday, August 18, 2014


It seems as though yesterday is a word that sticks firmly in my mind. Yesterdays are the only place that I will find your unlimited time. You worked hard to do so many things that made my life complete. At times some seemed insignificant, but now I realized it was simply no small feat.
My time with you was limited by hours and by years. You left me way to soon. You left me with my tears. It was yesterday I walked and ran and caught that first baseball. You taught me how to play the game that I’ll love forever more. How I wish for one more lesson, one more practice, one more season, one more score.
Sports were not the only lessons to come forth from your strong mind. You taught me how to drive, how to ride a bike, how to be a man and how to be so kind. We didn’t always agree on things, or how they should be done. But in the end, I knew that you taught me well. You helped me go from walking to a full run.
At times, I was a stubborn child. I wanted things my way. You didn’t agree with all my choices by you let me live my life my way. I sometimes wish I’d listened more to you about the life I led. Maybe then I’d not of seen your face turn so bright red.
I’ve questioned you many times throughout the years. However, I know now why you led me down the path despite my tears. You created and you molded me to the best that you new how. I only wish that heaven would allow you to take a bow. Your leadership has affected me and many more. But now all I have left are memories, laughter and the lore.
Yesterday contains many firsts in my short life, which include crawling, walking, running, playing ball, driving, and much more. You took me to my first Hawkeye game, my first Cardinal game and trips to far off places. Lets not forget it was you who taught me how to tie my laces.
One thing I love about my yesterdays is your sense of adventure. Just who could say the job they have was offered in a public venue. Sitting in Jack Trice, it was so nice to be by your side that day. A Hawkeye win, and a job offer that would bring us closer together. Without it, my life would be completely changed. If someone had told me I’d be working here I’d said they were deranged. At this point there is nothing I would have changed, because It brought us closer together and gave me more yesterdays.
My life is full of memories we shared upon the diamond. You watched me play and grow into a young man who loves the game. You gave me my first coaching chance. You knew I could handle it. Our love of the game of baseball turned into rivalry one day, to see who could win the most and who might get out-coached or out-played.
The talent pool was deep and shallow but that it did not matter. For on the diamond we did spar, we created quite a chatter. Supper table conversation was fun I will admit. Mother heard many verbal spats about whose teams were legit. But I always knew no matter what, no matter how much I puffed my chest, during all of those fond moments, there were lessons to be learned from the best. At this point in my life, life lessons I still yearn. If I could only wish for one more. I’d wish for your return.
You sometimes did things in weird ways but with results to be acclaimed. You led people toward perfection. You guided and pushed them to be the best you see. But most of all, the one you pushed most, it happened to be me.
I know I am a better man because of your firm hand. You led me when I needed it, but most of all you taught me to be a man.
Yesterdays are so full of memories to fill up the human mind. Some yesterdays I’d rather skip some I’d like to hit rewind. To bring back some of those yesterdays its what I’d like to see. Because that would mean you’d be back here spending another yesterday with me.