Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL season gets underway

The NFL season got underway tonight with a great game between the Saints and Packers. The two teams put 76 points on the board and didn't really show much in the way of defense, until.....the last play.

The Saints trailed 42-34 and made a valiant effort at the end to try and score. The Saints drove the length of the of the field and end up with a pass play in the end zone as time ran out. The pass was incomplete, but a defensive penalty against the Packers gives the Saints one more chance. The game came down to one un-timed down. The Saints elect to run a dive play right up the middle. Green Bay stuffs the middle and stops the running back a half yard short of the goal line.

Victory went to the Packers, 42-34.

For me, the game was just simply exciting. I love watching football, but I don't have a favorite NFL team. In the case of tonight's game, I liked both teams. It was a win-win situation for me. I've even been to Green Bay for a preseason team scrimmage, which was an experience in itself. Lambeau Field is an awesome place.

By the way, would you like to see a Packers game for real? Good luck getting tickets. The stadium is sold out to the point that there is a waiting list for tickets. Packers employees have even put their unborn children on the waiting list to get tickets. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? You better know someone or have some kind of a connection, if you want  to see a game in that stadium.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the NFL and professional sports in general. I like to watch them. However, I really get sick and tired of hearing about which player is the next "highest paid" player in their sport. I realize professional sports is a business, but come on. Is anyone really worth millions of dollars annually to play a  game? I mean really!

I understand their careers are much shorter, but it is  a career path they chose. Should they make more than any "regular Joe" who works a normal blue or white collar job? I say they probably should but contacts worth millions annually? Come on! No one is worth that kind of money. I don't care who they are.

All I can say is players and team owners are just simply greedy. They are all more worried about the all mighty dollar than going about their business of providing entertainment for those in the public who choose to buy tickets or turn on the television to watch games.

I also started something new tonight in terms of being a football fan. For the first time, I have started a fantasy football team and joined a league. Being "green" in terms of knowing what to do, I opted for the easy route on the website. We will see how it goes.

Enjoy the 2011 football season. There will be lots of high school, college, and NFL games to enjoy. I hope its a season full of games like the one between the Packers and Saints tonight. Enjoy your favorite teams.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

View From the Cheap Seats

Greetings and welcome to View From the Cheap Seats. It is a new blog I've created, which will focus pretty much on my random thoughts. The blog will focus on sports, news, and whatever is happening in the world. There might be even a few personal blogs about things happening in my life. We will just have to see. The one thing I want to stress is that this blog will have nothing to do with my job. Readers should not connect the two. This is completely a personal blog with no ties to my job as a newspaper writer.

Hope you enjoy. 

Did anyone see the MLB game Sept. 7 between St. Louis and Milwaukee? St. Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter pitched a complete game for the win. In the ninth inning, Carpenter struck out Nyjer Morgan. Morgan then proceeds to shout profanities at Carpenter because he struck him out. Come on! First of all, its a game. Second, strikeouts are part of the game. Why would Morgan bad mouth Carpenter for striking him out? Why would he compound the embarrassment of being struck out by drawing more attention to it?

Carpenter was focused on the task at hand. After the strikeout, Carpenter was focused on his next batter and had turned to the outfield while waiting for the ball to be returned to him from his infielders. Benches began clearing before Carpenter even knew a situation had developed. Luckily only Morgan spouted words. Carpenter never considered retaliating or responding.

In the end, Morgan was ejected for his antics and rightfully so. Carpenter displayed he is a class act who is concerned only about playing his game, respecting the game, and simply doing his job. Morgan should take some lessons from the veteran pitcher. 

Attitudes have no place in professional sports. Those men get paid to play a game. They should act like they deserve to earn the money they are paid, instead of expecting the money no matter what their abilities are. Don't their realize their actions are emulated by every kid who watches the games?

Simply put--Grow up Morgan and act like you deserve to be a member of a professional sports team! BE A PROFESSIONAL!