Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jeter earned respect

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is finishing up his career as a player in the major leagues. I have never been a fan of the Yankees and never will be. However, I have to tip my cap in "Re2pect" to Jeter in his career as the Yankee shortstop.He has earned it by being the best player and citizen he can be.
Jeter has survived as a player on one of the toughest teams for a player to achieve longevity. He has played his career free from scandal and constant ridicule from the fans and the media. In short, Jeter has survived in an arena by doing things the right way.
Jeter achieved respect by being a proper gentleman and citizen both on and off the field. He played his career by using his God-given talents and abilities. He didn’t succumb to the pressure of using performance enhancing drugs to better his statistics or performance on the field.
He has lived his life personally as a gentleman and is a perfect example of how a citizen of this country should act and behave in their daily life.
I would like to tip my cap to one of the truly great baseball players of our time. Children should look to him as a role model of how a professional baseball player and athlete should act and live their life.
Maybe some of Jeter’s fellow MLB players and teammates should take a closer look at his demeanor and career. They need to take some lessons on how to behave as a professional athlete. The game and sports in general would be better for it.
The following video is further proof that good things come to those who chose to do the right thing. It’s a video of Jeter’s final at-bat in his last game at Yankee Stadium. Enjoy.