Wednesday, September 7, 2011

View From the Cheap Seats

Greetings and welcome to View From the Cheap Seats. It is a new blog I've created, which will focus pretty much on my random thoughts. The blog will focus on sports, news, and whatever is happening in the world. There might be even a few personal blogs about things happening in my life. We will just have to see. The one thing I want to stress is that this blog will have nothing to do with my job. Readers should not connect the two. This is completely a personal blog with no ties to my job as a newspaper writer.

Hope you enjoy. 

Did anyone see the MLB game Sept. 7 between St. Louis and Milwaukee? St. Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter pitched a complete game for the win. In the ninth inning, Carpenter struck out Nyjer Morgan. Morgan then proceeds to shout profanities at Carpenter because he struck him out. Come on! First of all, its a game. Second, strikeouts are part of the game. Why would Morgan bad mouth Carpenter for striking him out? Why would he compound the embarrassment of being struck out by drawing more attention to it?

Carpenter was focused on the task at hand. After the strikeout, Carpenter was focused on his next batter and had turned to the outfield while waiting for the ball to be returned to him from his infielders. Benches began clearing before Carpenter even knew a situation had developed. Luckily only Morgan spouted words. Carpenter never considered retaliating or responding.

In the end, Morgan was ejected for his antics and rightfully so. Carpenter displayed he is a class act who is concerned only about playing his game, respecting the game, and simply doing his job. Morgan should take some lessons from the veteran pitcher. 

Attitudes have no place in professional sports. Those men get paid to play a game. They should act like they deserve to earn the money they are paid, instead of expecting the money no matter what their abilities are. Don't their realize their actions are emulated by every kid who watches the games?

Simply put--Grow up Morgan and act like you deserve to be a member of a professional sports team! BE A PROFESSIONAL!

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